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Our Therapy

Each young person in our care has many professionals supporting them to achieve the best outcome.

As a company we also access many different counsellors offering Therapeutic Support to each young person. This gives them the time and space to engage on their own terms.

One week they may want to engage in a 1-1 private session then the following week they may want to interact in a more casual way. This could involve walking, baking or offering them support during their education. Our therapists holds the space for them to freely engage when and if they would like to.

On the Professional side our therapist use a mix of The Person Centred Approach, CBT & DBT. We believe this mix allows the best choice for our young people. 

We also use Child Clinical Psychologists and Speech & Language Therapists to ensure our young people are given the best possible care.

We believe this gives the Young Person the opportunity to gain empowerment by working through and exploring past life events. We can help them un-thread the emotions and feelings surrounding these times and hopefully lead them to gain more understanding and acceptance. The person-centred approach maintains that by providing three core conditions offers for a climate conducive to growth and therapeutic change.

The core conditions are:

Unconditional Positive Regard
means that the therapist accepts the client unconditionally and non-judgementally. This provides the best possible conditions for personal growth.
Empathic understanding
means that the therapist accurately understands the client’s thoughts, feelings, and meanings from the client’s own perspective.
means that the therapist is authentic and genuine. The therapist does not present an aloof professional facade, but is present and transparent to the client.

Together, these three core conditions are believed to enable the client to develop and grow in their own way — to strengthen and expand their own identity and to become the person that they ‘really’ are independently of the pressures of others to act or think in particular ways, this is known as ‘The Actualising Tendency’.

Measures of success

While we all see the measures of success on a day to day basis, we also produce a report each month in order to best support the young people. We also consider the following areas:

  • Acceptance
  • Benificence
  • Confidence
  • Development
  • Environment

Counselling may feel daunting to some and trust can sometimes take time to build. "I try to create a safe place and be consistent with what I offer in all environments within the care setting and this helps the young people and I to be together while the trust grows. As a person centred counsellor I work with the person as a whole rather than a specific issue; offering empathy, acceptance and honesty to create a safe environment for the client to work in."